Our History

Izmir Vocational School – IMYO, first started its education under the name of “Izmir Technical and Vocational School” with Technical and Social Sciences attached to the “Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education” in 1976.

The school’s name, later on, had been changed as ” The Foreign Languages and Vocational School” in 1979. Later then, the school had continued its activities on education and teaching under the administration of Dokuz Eylul University, which was established by the law issued on 20th July 1982. Since that date, Izmir Vocational School has been continuing both vocational and technical education in the campus of Buca Faculty of Education.

In IMYO, the students are educated by two years at License Programs. There are 23 Programs in IMYO by two major departments, namely “Department of Economics and Administrative Programs” and “Department of Technical Programs”.